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School Teams

Our school is taking part in a sport partnership over the school year, with other schools in the area, led by Live and Learn Sports.

We are trying many different sports, including rugby, athletics, orienteering, cricket, netball, matball, basketball, football and hockey amongst others and we try to get as many different ages and both boys and girls to play.

 We are taking part in as many of these events as possible and are practicing lots of the sports, both in PE and in extra clubs at lunchtime.

We will be taking part in other activities run by ourselves or other organisations,

We have already progressed to the next round in a football competition played at the New York Stadium at Rotherham United’s home games, these matches are played in front of ten thousand football fans at half time.

Links with various cycling organisations have allowed us to run cycle building skills, cycle safety courses and even group bike rides.

We are soon to be starting our outdoor adventure activities again where we will be walking in the countryside in Derbyshire and the local area

Photos we have posted include children who have taken part already in events.

We would like any parents with any ideas for further activities or experience to help or just to take part with the children in some of these activities


D Allen, Learning Mentor