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Welcome to Y4AT - Miss Tariq and Mrs Khan

Welcome to Y4AT - Miss Tariq and Mrs Khan 1
Welcome to Y4AT - Miss Tariq and Mrs Khan 2

Welcome to Y4AT!


Autumn Term


Were the Romans really revolting?



 Mini Outcome 1 -

L.O: To organise writing appropriately

To write an information report about Roman life, for their CD sleeve


Mini Outcome 2 -

L.O: To read aloud with expression, volume, tone and intonation

To perform a re-enactment


Mini Outcome 3-

L.O: To communicate

To create a PowerPoint slide show


Final Outcome-

We are going to make a CD to sell and give to people. This will be all about the Romans. It will include pictures and videos and our PowerPoint presentation.



Our WOW Start


We had visitors from the Roman Library who came to tell us all about the Romans and answer all of our questions.

The experts showed us Roman artefacts and let us try on the armour, helmets and shields. We also got to become archaeologists for the day and look at the Roman artefacts in detail.


L.O: To build an overview of world history.

SC: I can research and find out what life was life for different Romans.


To further our knowledge of the Romans we created maps and timelines to find out what life was like for them.



Mini Outcome 1

To write an information report about Roman life, for their CD sleeve.


We became text detectives and looked at a non-chronological report. In groups we identified all the different features and skills we needed.

We used our findings from the report to create our rubric.


We then used drama and freeze frames to show our understanding of Roman soldiers' lives. We then got to develop our knowledge and understanding further by our visits to Clifton Park Museum and The York Museum. 

We really enjoyed our Family Learning of making mosaic pictures.

All of our work was then used to write our own report.


Mini Outcome 2

To perform a re-enactment.


We started this mini outcome by being shown a WAGOLL by Miss Tariq. We watched her re-enactment of Boudicca's story and wrote down any features which stood out.


We used Miss Tariq's WAGOLL to co-construct a rubric for our own re-enactments.


We then started practicing our own re-enactments in our groups. We shared our work with others in the class and received some feedback on how to improve. This feedback told us that our focus should be reading with intonation and changing the pitch and volume. With this in mind, we modified and practiced using these features and improved our re-enactments.


In our Art and DT lessons we worked on creating our cover for our CD. 


We coiled string to create lines and patterns and used this to create prints. 

Here is Emily's print from Y4GB which was used to make our front cover.



Mini Outcome 3

To create a PowerPoint slide show


In this mini outcome we needed to create a slide show to re-tell Boudicca's story. 


We first looked at a WAGOLL and in groups annotated it with all the features which made it a successful slide show.



We used these features to co-construct a rubric for our PowerPoints.


We then created our first draft and received some feedback on how to improve our work and achieve all of the rubric. 


Our visit to Riverside Library allowed us share our learning with the public. 

We presented the library with our re-enactment CD which included our PowerPoint presentations. We explained what we had learnt throughout our project and how we became experts on the Romans.




Spring Term


Can small changes make big differences? 


Mini Outcome 1-

An explanation of the water cycle

In our literacy books


Mini Outcome 2-

An electric circuit that lights up a bulb

This will light up the sun in a model of the water cycle


Mini Outcome 3-

A watercolour painting

To go on our certificates


Final Outcome-

Our final outcome will be certificates that we will be given to children throughout the school who are saving water

Our WOW Start

We watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and looked at the changing states of chocolate.


We then did our first scientific experiment, this experiment was focused around trying to answer

'How long does it take for chocolate to melt?'


Using our experiment we noticed there were 3 different states of matter,  we didn't know much about these different states so we looked into this further. We had a go at behaving like the particles inside each state of matter which helped us to understand the states of matter even better.


We also worked within PSHE to find ways in which we can save water, both at home and at school. We used our findings to create a Class Charter to help us save water within our classroom.

Mini Outcome 1

An explanation of the water cycle


To start this mini outcome we looked at a text which explained the three states of matter. We annotated the text and identified any features which may be useful for our water cycle explanation.


We used our annotations to co-construct a rubric for our explanation of the water cycle.

Then we began our first draft of our explanation, we used our rubric and all of our previous learning to help us.


We then shared our work with other children in the class to receive some feedback on our work so far. We used the feedback to help us with our second and then final draft.