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Beating Bullies

Our school surveys showed many parents and children weren't sure what bullying was or if it was happening in school.  Bully is taken very seriously in school and dealt with quickly.  If you think you are being bullied tell someone straight away.


What will school do?

  • We will do our very best to make sure the bullying stops
  • We will deal with the person or people who have been bullying in the most appropriate way. This might mean that we speak to their parents, they might miss playtimes, they may be move to other classes, they will certainly be forced to own up to what they have done and be made to face the person they have bullied. We will expect a full and honest apology.
  • The bully will be asked to explain their behaviour to the Head Teacher or one of our Assistant Head Teachers.
  • Whatever the punishment, the bully will be left in no doubt that their behaviour is unacceptable. Their names will be recorded as a bully.
  • If there are further repeats of the behaviour, it will be explained to parents and children that St. Ann’s will not tolerate such behaviour.
  • Bullies will be offered counselling if necessary.
  • Sometimes a person starts to bully other people because they are not happy about something themselves.
  • We may offer parents the chance to join one of parenting skills classes so that they can provide support and help at home.