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Paul eats peas with his meat. 
Kay must pay for her new bike.
Jean must wait for her toy.
We can bake a pie today.
We made a cake yesterday. 
The boys shout as they play outside.
The girls sing as they run outside.
They saw that the dog had hurt his pew.
Children like the seaside.
Loud sounds can be annoying. 
Loud noises can be frightening. 
Mum gave us a few grapes as a treat.
The girl came home on the train. 
The boy went home on the train. 
You can tie things up with string. 
Chris found his wallet in the drawer. 
Charlie saw his socks and shirt in the drawer. 
Soup is a healthy kind of food. 
Teachers teach us at school. 
Snow and rain are part of our winter weather. 
You can see clowns at a circus. 
 Could fly to African on a plane.
The thief was kept in prison. 
We can make models from cars.
Cows and sheep may gaze in the meadows. 
The puppy was very playful.
The kitten was very cute. 
The robber was put in jail. 
You can watch acrobats and elephants at a circus.