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Final Event

  Our Trip to the Town Square

On Tuesday, we went to town square. We went to persuade people to donate food to Y5 so we could give it to a local food bank called FareShare. Before we went, we created a persuasive poster. We also did some artwork to put on our poster. They were allowed to donate: tin cans, dried food and food that`s in date and wont go rotten in a few months.We collected lots of tin cans and lots of money too. We used the money to buy even more tin cans. At the start, we felt very shy and we felt like we were invisible because people were ignoring us. Then, at the end, we felt confident and happy. It was a HUGE success! Thank you everyone who donated!


Written by Jine Sadek.

Baking Bread

We baked bread to donate to FareShare too!