School will now open on MONDAY 15TH JUNE for Foundation, Y1 and Y6 children. Please see the parents' section for more information.

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Rhymes and Sounds 


Remember learning rhymes helps children to read. Try this one today...



In maths we learn about shapes. Try finding circles at home today. 

Can you make a caterpillar like me? 

What other pictures can you make with circles at home? 

Making pictures with circles

Physical Activities


With you mum if the weather is nice try to make an obstacle course outside.  This could be throwing a ball into a bucket and then jumping over a log or a piece of wood.  If you have a slide climb up the steps and then go down.  See how many times you can do this.


If not use This is P.E on you tube and join in with an activity

Finally after your busy week why not share a book with someone from your family     


I look forward to hearing how you have enjoyed carrying out the activities this week.