School will re-open for all children in Y2 to Y6 on Wednesday 2nd September. 

Children in Foundation Stage and Y1 will start on Thursday 3rd September.

Staff will bring out further details to your homes on Tuesday 1st September.

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Tornado Destruction

See tornadoes tear across the country. Do tornadoes happen in England and if not, why not?

INCREDIBLE lightning strike video!!!

Video of a near-miss lightning strike in Norman, OK in July 2007, as the cloud-to-ground stroke nearly struck storm chaser Curtis McDonald. This is one of the most incredible lightning videos I have ever seen! Check out for extreme tornado footage, our live video streaming, and breaking weather news.

Lightning in Slow Motion

Various amazing clips of lightning storms shown in slow motion. Enjoy the beauty of lightning in slow motion thanks to this great weather video clip which showcases nature’s raw power in all its stunning glory.

While it comes recommended to try and avoid these powerful thunder storms where possible, you can’t help but be impressed by the amazing visual spectacle they produce.

Monsoon rain from Kerala, India !

This short video was taken when the rampaging monsoon was at its wild best in Kozhikode, north Kerala in the southwest of India. It was taken from the relative safety of my office through the 1st floor window.

Big waves

Watch a ship battle its way through extremely rough seas, bouncing up and down as the huge swells and massive waves crash into it.

Very Large Hail

Tennis ball size hail in Woodson. Check out just how powerful and destructive a big hail storm can be. Watch the massive damage it creates as it happens in this amazing video clip.

Giant hail stones hit the ground like bullets from the sky as people take cover for their own safety. Windows are shattered, cars are destroyed and people injured as this huge hail storm makes its way through town.

Weather & Meteorology : How Do Clouds Form?

Clouds are formed by parcels of rising air that cool and create tiny droplets of water. Learn about dew points and how they affect moisture going from a gas to a liquid with help from a meteorologist in this free video on understanding weather.

Broken Hill Dust Storm Australia

Driving through a dust storm between Wilcania and Broken Hill, in NSW Australia on 21 Dec 2007.