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How Did The Stone Age Shape Our World?

Our Final Exhibition


Our final exhibition was at River Side Library. We really showed off our expert knowledge of the Stone Age to the general public. We were so professional that even people from Sheffield University  attended and gave us so many compliments. Fantastic work Y3SW!

Stone Age entertainment

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As there was no such thing as IPhones and computers during the Stone Age era, we wanted to know how early humans entertained themselves. We found out that one of the ways that they did this was by making their own music. They used natural resources such as leaves, twigs and logs to do so. Here we are creating some Stone Age music of our own.

We recently went on a visit to Creswell Crags. We explored the caves there, learned how to hunt and made some cave paintings. A great day was had by all and we found out so much about the Stone Age too.








Our Sparkling Start



An archaeological dig to find out a little bit more about our pre-historic ancestors.