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Week Beginning 8th June

Come on everybody, let’s be the best year group at mental maths. You only need to do 15 minutes a day on TTRockstars, Numbots or Topmarks and you will be great!

This week there is a document to download and print if you can. The document is called ‘Nets’ and it has some solid shapes to make up. Just cut round the outside of the shape, then fold along the lines on the inside and stick together.

If you can’t download or print out the nets document don’t worry. Your task will be to collect some cardboard packaging and carefully take it apart along the glued parts. When you flatten it out you will see what is called the shape’s net. How many different ones can you find? Can you work out what the shape should be by just looking at the net (flattened shape)?

Have a look at the Triangles worksheet below too and talk about it with an adult. You can print it out if you wish, but as long as you say what type of triangle each is, that will be enough.

Picture 1

Mathematics Week Beginning 1st June

Keep going at that 15 minutes a day on TTRockstars, Numbots or Topmarks. The children who are doing this are getting better and better. You know who you are and well done, you!

I hope you enjoyed the I See Maths videos from before the holidays.. I know I did. We are going to carry on using the videos this week to help us with our understanding of Shape. Here’s the link again:

Monday: Odd One Out (Tuesday 21st April)

Tuesday: Guess the Shape (Wednesday 22nd April)

Wednesday: Shape Properties (Thursday 23rd April)

Thursday: Triangles Properties (Friday 24th April)

Also, practise what you are learning by using the games on


Maths Challenge: Why not make a Roman villa using empty cardboard boxes and folded paper or card? Which shapes did you need? Take a photo of it and send it to me and I will put it on the website.


Week Beginning 18th May 2020

I hope you are still managing to do your 15 minutes a day on TTRockstars, Numbots or Topmarks. Remember: it is really important that you get good at mental maths and keep those skills at expert level. There are some worksheets on the Worksheets page to download if you prefer to work on paper. If you do not have a printer, why not copy out the work into you book?


How did you get on with measures? I hope you enjoyed that unit of work. The next unit of work is fun too. We will be thinking of Shape and there is a fantastic teacher to help you work through some very exciting challenges. There are different videos (each one is about 10 minutes long) and they are all brilliant.

Go to:

And each day watch one video:

Monday: Shape Puzzles Part 1 (Monday 30th March)

Tuesday: Shape Puzzles Part 2 (Tuesday 31st March)

Wednesday: Shapes and Stories (Wednesday 1st April)

Thursday: Strawberries and Spotty Ties (Friday 3rd April)

Friday: Describe, Visualise, Draw (Monday 20th April)


Also, practise what you are learning by using the games on





Week Beginning 11th May 2020

How many times have you managed to practise your mental maths by using TTRockstars, Numbots or Topmarks? Have you managed to do 15 minutes every day?


Now, let’s move on to capacity and mass. We will be using g and kg to measure mass and ml and l to measure capacity. To do this, I would like you to help an adult follow a recipe, measuring out different food using some scales. To show your learning either draw a picture of what you have made OR copy out the recipe OR take a photograph of what you have made and stick it in your book. Try and do one recipe a day (it doesn’t have to be baking, it can be measuring out for any meal!)

If you like you can go to and play Mostly Postie or Capacity Countdown.

Mathematics Week Starting Monday 4th May 2020

Remember to spend at least 15 minutes daily on TTRockstars, Numbots or Topmarks. If you do this every day for at least 15 minutes you will be super-dooper maths geniuses by the time we get back together again.


This week we are going to start looking at Measures. We are going to start off by reading scales. Go to

Play Reading Scales and Reading Scales – Mass.


Later in the week, look at mm, cm and m to measure length.

Check out:

Then go to

Play Measuring in cm.

If you have a ruler or tape measure, go round your house measuring different objects in cm. Make a table in your exercise book and record what you have found out.

Week Beginning: Monday 27th April 2020


Make sure you spend at least 15 minutes on TTRockstars and/or Numbots daily to warm up your brain. Also check out


This week we are going to practise telling the time.

First of all go to

You might need to go back to the KS1 part of the website if you can’t tell the time to o’clock, half past, quarter past or quarter to yet.


Then go to

and play the games: Telling the Time; Telling the Time in Words; Adding Time Word Problems; Time Tools 12 Hours to the Minute; Using a Calendar; Match the Times; On Time – Advanced Level and Time. Go as far as you can on each game.