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Meet the Governors

Mrs. Sue Mallinder - Chair of Governors

Professional background:

I am a former lecturer and Family Learning Manager at Rotherham College. I have also worked locally as a Family Learning Manager for Clifton Enterprise. I was a Parent Governor at Thomas Rotherham College. I currently run the business ABC Family Learners, working with schools, authorities and community groups. Through my work I have been associated with St. Ann's School for more than 20 years.

Personal background:

I am a wife, a mother of two and a grandmother to an 8 month old boy. I have spent many years with families in the Clifton area and I am a proud and passionate supporter of the school and its community.


I have a degree from Huddersfield University, various qualifications in Family and Adult Learning and Further Education. 



Mrs. E Brooks - Co-opted Governor

Professional background:

I am an award-winning journalist and former Head of Communications at Rotherham Borough Council. I was a former pupil at St Ann's and Rotherham High School for Girls. I am also a Trustee Board member of Rotherham Abuse Counselling Service.


I have a degree in Social Studies from Sheffeild Hallam University.



Richard Hawley - Staff Governor

Professional Background:

I am a teacher at St. Ann's School and have worked here for 16 years. I first came to the school as a trainee teacher on placement and have been here ever since because of the amazing children, ethos and atmosphere of the school.

Personal Background:

I am a father of three children aged between 9 and 2. One of my children has very complex needs and so as a parent, and a teacher, I am passionate about all children receiving the education that they deserve.


I have a degree in Environmental Science from the University of Leeds and a PGCE from Sheffield Hallam University. I have also studied for and gained NPQSL qualification.


Meet The Governors


Mrs N. Rashid - Vice - Chair of Governors

Mrs Z. Ahmed - Vice - Chair/Local Authority Governor

Mr L. Rowan - Joint Headteacher

Mrs S. Blagden - Joint Headteacher

Mrs P. Jarvis - Co-opted Governor

Mrs C. Peters - Co-opted Governor

Mr D. Randall - Co-opted Governor

Mrs J. Jennings - Co-opted Governor

Mrs M. Stipakova - Parent Governor


Mrs J. Leighton - Clerk to the Governing Board

  • All members of the Governing Board can be contacted through school.


Governor Name Attendance Full GB Meetings (2018-2019)  Sub Committee Meetings (2018-2019) Category of Governor Body which appointed Term of Office dates Positions of Specific Responsibility Other Governance Roles Register of Business/Material Interests (2018-2019)
Mrs. Sue Mallinder 6/8 3/3 Co-opted (Chair) Governors From: 11/04/2011 Safeguarding, Standards None ABC Family Leaners
Mrs. Sharon Blagden 8/8 3/3 Co-Head Teacher Governors From: 04/09/2013 Training and Development None None
Mr. Lee Rowan 7/8 1/1 Co-Head Teacher Governors From: 04/09/2013 Standards None None
Mrs. Nasreen Rashid 7/8 1/1 Co-opted (Vice-Chair) Governors From:12/09/1998 Training & Development, Foundation Stage None None
Mrs. Zaidah Ahmed 1/8   Local Authority (Vice- Chair) Local Authority From: 10/09/2008 Inclusion, Community & Engagement None None
Mr. Richard Hawley 7/8   Staff Staff From: 01/09/2015   None Personal
Mrs. Connie Cooper 3/4   Co-opted Support Staff

From: 04/09/2013

To: 11/02/2019

  None None
Mrs. Christine Peters 6/8   Co-opted Governors From: 30/08/2017 Community & Engagement, Key Stage 1 None None
Mrs. E Brooks 7/8   Co-opted Governors From: 30/08/2017 Community & Engagement, Lower Key Stage 2 None None
Mrs. J Daughtry 2/4   Co-opted Governors

From: 01/07/2000

To: 11/02/2019

Pupil Premium None Personal
Mrs. Hooria Hussnain 3/8   Parent Parents From: 11/07/2014 Pupil Premium, Finance None None
Mrs. Patricia Jarvis 3/8   Co-opted Governors From: 10/06/2014 Training & Development, Upper Key Stage 2 None None
Mrs. Martina Stipakova 1/1   Parent Parents From: 27/06/19 Community & Engagement  None Personal
Mr. David Randall 1/2   Co-opted Governors From: 07/05/2019 Finance None None
Mrs. Julie Jennings 1/2   Co-opted Support Staff From: 07/05/2019 Standards None None
Mrs. Jill Leighton


3/3 Clerk Governors From: 04/09/2019   None None


Governance Structure 2019/20