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Our Project


Week Beginning 18th May 2020


Until the end of the term we are going to be finding out about the Romans in History. To start off this part of our project we are going to find out who the Romans were and when they lived.

Show your learning

Either: Make a cartoon strip to show how the Roman Empire developed

OR: Make a time-line to show some of the different events of the Roman Empire.




History Week Beginning 11th May 2020


Think about what you have found out so far.

Do you know what Stone Age Houses were like?

What food did Stone Age people eat?

What strange animals were around then?

What were cave paintings like?
What is Stone Henge?

If there are things you do not know yet, find out about them using

and looking on the internet.


Show your learning

Either: Write a report about what you have found out using sub-headings


Make a booklet about the Stone Age


If you have written a good report or booklet, please photograph it, and send it to me on

I will make sure it is photocopied and put into the homework packs for children who do not have internet access. This will help your friends to learn about the Stone Age. I will also put a copy in the gallery of work. (And remember, this means a stamp for your card)









History Week Starting Monday 4th May 2020

Can you remember what you found out last week? Why not look back at the work you completed last week and tell an adult all about it?

Now go to

Watch: How did Stone Age hunter-gatherers live?

Afterwards explore the cave painting picture on the website to find out about Grey Otter.


Show your learning

Make a stone age den. Pretend to be a stone age child – what kinds of things would you do?


Picture 1
Picture 2

Our Project: How is the Past Communicated to Us?

Week Beginning: Monday 27th April


Over the next few weeks, we are going to be finding out about The Stone Age. Your task for this week is to find out:

When was the Stone Age?

Why was it called the Stone Age?

What can you find out about the Stone Age using the internet?



Also go to:


Watch: What was prehistoric Britain like?


Show your learning:

Either: write down what you have found out so far

OR Draw pictures and label them with captions to show what you have found out.