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Real Projects

Autumn Project - How can we work together?

This term we are learning all about the Learning skill character Captain Teamwork!

We are learning to work together by helping each other, listening to each other and encouraging each other.

Come and look at our fun learning as we play and learn!


We have been reading the story of 'The Little Red Hen'.


We have been learning instructions to help us bake some bread.


We then used the instructions to work together to make some yummy bread.

We first made plain white bread.



We then decided to add different ingredients. So we made chocolate bread and strawberry bread.


After tasting these two flavours we voted for the most favourite. Chocolate bread was the most favourite, so we baked chocolate bread and we sold this to people around school. We also made posters to persuade people to buy our YUMMY chocolate bread!


Some of our fantastic posters to help us sell our bread!


We had lots of fun making puppets for a puppet show of The Little Red Hen!


Some brilliant teamwork and a great imagination from a group of boys in Y1AA!

We are so proud of you all!



Autumn 2 Project- How can we work together to improve our learning?

We are learning all about the learning skill character Reflecto.

We are learning to work together and reflect on our learning in order to improve our learning.

Come and look at our amazing learning!


We have been reading the story of 'The Gingerbread Man'.


Spring project

What do we need to be happy?



Our sparkling start!

We received a letter from Aunt Lucy with a map. We followed the map to Rotherham train station and we found Paddington Bear! We took him on the train to Sheffield train station. We then walked to the cinema to watch Paddington - part 1. We had so much fun!


8.1.18 We discussed our essential question 'What do we need to be happy?'. We also discussed our rights. We know that we have the following rights and these rights will make us happy.

Article 9: we have the right to live with our families.

Article 27: we have the right to have food and drink to keep us healthy.

Article 28: we have the right to an education.

Article 30: we have the right to practice our religion and culture.

Article 31: we have the right to play and have fun.


In Y1AA we all said that we need friends to be happy. We practiced plaiting some friendship bracelets for our friends. This was a great opportunity to develop our teamwork skills and we had great fun!



In geography we have been looking at the world map. We looked at where Peru is on the map because this is where Paddington comes from. We also looked at all of the countries our families come from. We discussed what's the same and what's different between all of the countries too!



Our first mini project: to work together to create a picnic blanket. We will use the picnic blanket for when go to Clifton Park for our teddy bears picnic with Paddington and all our bears too. We are so excited!

To create our picnic blanket we created a cold draft and gallery critiques this to make it better. We then created a rubric of the skills we need to learn and develop in order to create a better picnic blanket.

Rubric – (picnic blanket)


L.O: to dip dye a piece of cotton and cut out the template of our initial for our picnic blanket.


L.O: to use weaving to create a pattern.


L.S.O: Plan to reflect at the end of a task.

What I need to do…


Going for green

Dip dye some fabric to attach onto my blanket patch.



Weave some ribbon onto my blanket patch.




I can stitch my dip dyed shape on to my blanket patch.



Going for Gold

Dip dye some fabric to make a good pattern.




Weave in a repeating pattern.




We have been practicing our weaving skills.



We have been practicing to dip dye some material.


We made a repeating pattern on our blanket patch. We also practiced our weaving skills.

Our final Picnic blanket. We are a brilliant team and we have been very resilient!

science investigation: which material is most suitable for our picnic? which materials are waterproof and comfortable?