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Respecting our right to celebrate beliefs

Holocaust Memorial Day 27th January 2017

Holocaust Memorial Day 27th January 2017  1
Holocaust Memorial Day 27th January 2017  2
Holocaust Memorial Day 27th January 2017  3

Y4 were delighted to be invited to sing their school anthem - Can You Hear My Voice? at the Holocaust Memorial Day on the 27th January, 2017 in All Saints Square. The children performed in front of the Mayor of Rotherham, High Sheriff of South Yorkshire and local faith leaders and many members of the public. 


The children had an assembly on about the holocaust before they attended the memorial day to fully appreciate what equality, race and religious indifference can result in. Without any doubt whatsoever, the children were proud to sing to the public and and we certainly heard their voices. 



Inspiring leadership

Nic and Matt visited year 4 to discuss with and tell the story of Jesus as an inspiring leader. The children were invited to question Nic and Matt and they rose to this challenge extremely well. The children admirably used their enquiring minds to ask questions such as, 'We hear lots of different stories in the Bible and the Quran and a lot of the details are similar. Which version should we believe?' Another question was, 'How do we know which choice is the right choice?'