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Sharing and Celebrating Different Cultures

St. Ann's School - One global community.

The families in our community come from many different parts of the world.  In order to prepare children for the community and world they will grow up in, we regularly discuss, celebrate and share information about different cultures and faiths.  We do this to ensure they have the knowledge, skills and values to become effective local, national and global citizens.  Below you will see some of the events that have taken place this year.


Chinese New Year       

Did you know?

......that Chinese New Year always falls between January 21 and February 20, determined by the Chinese lunar calendar.
on Fe Chinese new Year?


......that 2019 is the year of the Pig?  See if you can find what 2020 will be using the link to the web site


.....that the date for Chinese New Year changes each year?

.....that in Vietnam, the celebration is called Tet Nguyen Dan, or Tet for short?



Don't forget to wish our Chinese and Vietnamese children 'Happy New Year'.






St Ann's St Nicholas' Day Celebration


Have you ever seen mysterious characters walking the streets of European cities on December 6th? It most likely was St. Nicholas (Mikulas), and the angel (andel). These characters visit children on the eve of Saint Nicholas’ Day. Children who have been good throughout the year sing songs or recite poems to St Nicholas. St Nicholas then gives them sweets, chocolate and other goodies. Children have been naughty get a bag of black coal or raw potatoes.


On Monday 7th December, St Nicholas and his angel paid a visit to all the classes in school. The children sang songs in the hope that they would get a treat, because naughty children get a potato. Everyone enjoyed the singing and all the children got a treat thank goodness! Some of the children thought that a few staff should get a potato but they were only joking. 

St Nic singing.wmv

Still image for this video




St Ann's Multi-Cultural Festival‚Äč

As part of our transition events to the next class or school, every class spent three weeks learning about three of the cultures represented in our school. These were the Roma culture, the Pakistani culture and the British culture. Children's literacy, maths, art and other lessons were all linked to the cultures in some way. The children also learned songs and dances and visitors came into school to share their skills. We even had a band who came to play for us and teach us some traditional Roma songs.


At the end of three weeks we had a huge celebration where each class displayed their work and the children acted as guides and experts for the parents, carers and visitors who came to watch. ‚ÄčThere was singing and dancing and everyone had a lot of fun. Just look at the photographs to see what I mean!


Still image for this video
We had lots of fun dancing to music played by one of our children and his dad. Thank you Mr Badi for all your help playing music and teaching songs in assemblies for all our children during our cultural celebration weeks.