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Special Mentions

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Special Mentions this week 

Picture 1
As you can see, I have had to make more squares on the grid because you are all working so hard. Well done and keep it up!

Week 16th May to 22nd May

Mohammed for his TTRockstars work. Keep going Mohammed, you are getting better and better. Well done!

Hussain and Hamad for their work on Numbots. This is great boys - you are doing really well.

Hana for contacting me to tell me about her Art work - well done Hana. Why not take a photo of your Art work and send it through so we can add it to our gallery of work.

Oskar for some more amazing work - check it out on our gallery of work. Well done!

Ismail - again, well done Ismail for working so hard and sharing your work with us. 

Karsen for his excellent Science work and for being so enthusiastic about it. Well done, Karsen!

Musn  for her enthusiasm when working. Well done, Musn. Keep it up!

Nicolas for his work in multiplication. Wow, Nicolas, you are doing really well.

Hussain  (again, twice in one week - amazing) for his hard work in all subjects especially those he does not like or finds tricky. This is really good for your brain, Hussain, well done! (And a shout out to Hussain's cousin who is helping Hussain with his work - thank you for all your hard work.)

Hamad, Karsen, Hana, Lili, Mohammed and Oskar (all in for the second time this week) for their Bug Club work. It's fantastic to see so much reading going on. Brilliant all of you!

Lili and Liam for their Bug Club work. Fantastic work to both of you, you are both really making progress. Keep it up. 

For Bug Club, Lili is definitely in the lead with 17 reads and 23 quizzes. That's fantastic Lili. You should be very proud of yourself. Well done!


Week 9th May to 15th May

Hussain, Liam, Mohammed, Oskar for their TTRockstars work. Well done, boys - you are really trying with this and you will be getting better and better. Fantastic.

Nobody has been on Numbots this week.

Ismail for all his hard work in all the different subjects and for helping to look after his baby sister which is a very kind and helpful thing to do. Well done, Ismail. 

Lili, Karsen and Oskar for their Bug Club work - well done all of you, although Lili is still in the lead with 5 reads and 5 quizzes. Come on the rest of you, get reading!

Oskar for his amazing homework - check it out on the Gallery page. Amazing, Oskar. You are a fantastic student and I am very proud of the work you have been doing.

Jessica for her hard work at home and for reading as much as possible. Well done, Jessica!




Week 2nd May to 8th May


Oskar - for his brilliant cave painting. It was lovely to see your cave painting. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Well done, Oskar! 

Mustapha - for the fantastic cave story he shared with Mrs Furniss over the phone.

Ismail - for all the work he has done so far and for sharing it with Mrs Furniss over the phone.

Hana, Karsen, Hussain, Lili, Liam and Oskar - for Bug Club work. Amazing work all of you (no wonder you are all great at reading).

Mustapha, Karsen, Liam, Peter, Mohammed and Oskar - for their brilliant TTRockstar work. Amazing, you lot. I'm very pleased with you - keep it up.

Liam and Lili for their Numbots work - you two are the only people who have been on Numbots, so well done and keep it up.



Week 27th April - 1st May 2020

Hussain, Liam, Peter and Oskar for your TTRockstars work. You will all be getting a stamp on your card when we get back to school for working on your times tables. Well done!



Week 20th April to 24th April

Hana and Mohammed - Well done for your Bug Club work. We are very proud of you, keep it up!

Hussain - Well done for your TTRockstars work - 12 games this week. I'm very impressed.

Oskar - Well done you have completed 8 games completed, only 2 to go.