School will now open on MONDAY 15TH JUNE for Foundation, Y1 and Y6 children. Please see the parents' section for more information.

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Rhymes and Sounds 


Listening to sounds and talking about them helps children get ready to learn letter sounds. 

Today's sound game is all about animal sounds. Can you match the sounds to the animals? 

Can you hear any animals in your garden today?

Create and Investigate 


Its Spring and lots of things are growing. Can you find something growing outside and draw a picture of it?


If you can get hold of some seeds, try this investigation. 



Cooking can be a great way for children to learn maths. They can help you count and weigh things. 

Maybe you could try making your favourite recipe today. Here is one of mine... 

Remember we are thinking about the number 3 this week. 

Yesterday we found lots of groups of 3 things in our homes. Today, let's try to draw 3 things. 


Have a look at mine. Can you think of more things to draw 3 of? 

Keeping Fit 


Who can scoot, ride or run outside today? You could even try to practise some fancy footwork or ball skills. 


If you can't get out today, try a PE lesson inside. 

Today's focus is throwing for accuracy.

Story Time 


Make time to share a book together. Do you have a favourite book?


If you need a new book, take a look at the Book Trust website.