School will now open on MONDAY 15TH JUNE for Foundation, Y1 and Y6 children. Please see the parents' section for more information.

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Rhymes and Sounds


Singing rhymes together helps your child learn to read. 

Today's rhyme is all about the letter sound 'a'. 

Can you find anything at home starting with the sound 'a'?



Mix some washing up liquid and water to play with bubbles. 

Try this investigation. What do yo notice?

Bubble Investigation

Bubble Investigation  1



We are still learning about the number 3. 

Can you remember the story we learnt at school, Goldilocks and the 3 Bears? 


Sing this song and try these challenges...

  • Find and count 3 bowls, 3 chairs and 3 beds in your house.
  • Draw 3 bowls, 3 chairs, 3 beds and 3 bears. 
  • How many full bowls of porridge were left after Goldilocks ate one? 

Keeping Fit 


Remember to get outside and exercise together. 

Try talking about the things you see on a walk together. Is anything growing near you?


If you can't get outside, try this PE lesson. 

How are your skills with a ball today?

Story Time 


Remember to share a story together today. 

If you need a new book to look at try the Book Trust website.