School will now open on MONDAY 15TH JUNE for Foundation, Y1 and Y6 children. Please see the parents' section for more information.

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Rhymes and Sounds 


Listening to sounds and talking about them is important. It helps children become ready to read. 


Listen to the sounds on the mystery sound game. Can you guess what they are? 

What sounds can you hear in your house today?



Puzzles are important to develop early maths skills and good hand and eye co-ordination.

If you have some at home, take them out and try completing them together today. 


If you don't have any, try this puzzle game on CBBC. 



Make a 3 collection. What can you find 3 of at home?

Here's a picture of mine. Can you find more groups of 3 things than me?

Picture 1

Keeping Fit 


Try practising your ball skills outside today. How many time can you throw and catch your ball? 

If you haven't got one, try making one with some scrunched up old paper. 


If you have to stay inside today then try this PE lesson together.  Make sure you have a nice, clear space!

Today's focus is footwork skills. 

Story Time 


Don't forget to snuggle up and share a story today. 


Remember, you can get lots more online books at the Book Trust.