School will re-open for all children in Y2 to Y6 on Wednesday 2nd September. 

Children in Foundation Stage and Y1 will start on Thursday 3rd September.

Staff will bring out further details to your homes on Tuesday 1st September.

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Week Beginning 22nd June

Mathematics Week Beginning 22nd June 2020


Only a few more weeks before the holidays. Keep on going with the 15 minutes a day brain warm-up with TTRockstars, Numbots or Topmarks.

This week there are a lot of Maths games to play. Try out these different games.

Monday: Make 6p, Make 60p

Tuesday: Sum Turnover (Y1-Y4)

Wednesday: Sum and Difference Connect 4 (Y1-Y3)

Thursday: Nim-7 (Y2-Y6)

Friday: Factors and Multiples Game (Y3-Y6)


Which one did you like the best and why?

Which did you find the trickiest?

English Week Beginning 22nd June 2020



Make a list of all the reading you do this week – it might be as part of your work, it might be reading signs or food-packaging or magazines or comics, it might even be reading the t.v. guide, but put it all down on the list so that you can see just how much reading we have to do in life. All those children who do phonics, keep going with Letters and Sounds and Phonics Play. Don’t forget Bug Club and Oxford Owls – these have some great books to read. We will have a Bug Club Leader Board again this week, so keep going – try and be at the top!

There is also a comprehension on Boudicca which you might find useful if you have not been able to find out much about Boudicca. Some of you might need a bit of help reading it.



Learn how to start sentences in different ways. Watch this video then have a go at writing some sentences about Boudicca but start each sentence in a different way.

Practise these spellings: circle, straight



Remind yourself about the story of Boudicca by re-watching

Now, using your character description as part of your story, write The story of Boudicca. Make sure you use lots of adjectives and description to make your writing interesting. 

Science Week Beginning 22nd June 2020

This week we are going to think about shadows. Choose a sunny day and go outside. Here is a link to the weather report so you can find out when it will be a good day to try.

Mark a spot on the ground where you will stand each time. Make sure you will get the sun there as much as possible. Stand on the spot at different times during the day. Get an adult or an older child to mark where your shadow comes to.

In your exercise book, write what you did and what you noticed about your shadow. Did the direction of your shadow change? Did it stay the same length?

Challenge: Why do you think it did this?

History Week Beginning 22nd June 2020


History Week Beginning 22nd June 2020

Think about the three areas you have found out about already. Decide which area you would like to look at last.

Houses; Family Life; Religion; Towns; Roads; Roman Baths; Gladiators and The Circus; The Roman Army.

Use the internet to find out information about your chosen area.

Show your learning

Either: Make notes about the area you are finding out about first.

OR: Write a few sentences about what you have found out.


Geography Week Beginning 22nd June 2020


Look at the PowerPoint about Earthquakes. Talk to an adult about why earthquakes happen. Can you write some sentences about earthquakes in your book?




Art Week Beginning 22nd June 2020


Look at the examples of mosaics and read the information about them. Then design your own mosaic. You can download and print out the squared paper to help you if you have a printer. If not, why not make your own grid using a pencil and ruler. Or you could even cut up squares of different coloured paper (try an old magazine) and use those.