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Week beginning 6th July 2020

Mathematics Week Beginning 6th July 2020


We are nearly there. Keep going with your 15 minutes a day TTRockstars, Numbots or Topmarks. Not many people have been on these and honestly, it will make you better at Maths so really try to spend just 15 minutes a day on these sites.

For those who wish to become amazing at Maths – have a go at watching Gareth Metcalfe’s home learning clips and follow up with his extension activities.

Here is a list of the themes covered and the extension tasks are underneath in document form for you to download. No need to print out, just show your working out in your Maths book.

Monday 29th June: Change at the Shop

look at different word questions involving money, then work up to a 'how many ways?' question involving calculating change.


Tuesday 30th June: Combinations of Change

Explore a problem-solving task looking at the different ways that a calculation can be done using different coins.


Wednesday 1st July: Equal, More, Less

Look at how = and > signs are used, leading into a problem-solving task involving positioning different digits.


Thursday 2nd July: Different Answers

Look at different number sentences using = and > signs, considering which can be answered in lots of different ways.


Friday: Swapping Sides

See how few moves it can take to switch the counters around. Lots of strategic thinking needed!


Carry on using these different Maths Activity Mats. Remember to do a few sections a day and practise doing more calculations or activities of the ones you find tricky. If you are finding something too tricky, email us and we will try and help you through it.




English Week Beginning 6th July 2020



Remember to keep reading as much as you can. 

You might enjoy listening to the stories on this website too.

 Why not give it a try?

I’ve also found out that Rotherham Library has some e-books for you to borrow. Check out their collection here.

Isn’t it amazing that you can get a book for free without even leaving your bed? Wow!



Can you remember how to start sentences in different ways? Each day, write a sentence but use a different sentence starter.


Practise these spellings: length, minute

Can you write them in a sentence?



Write a report about the Romans. Use sub-headings to help your reader find the information more quickly. If you write a good one, make sure you email us a copy so we can share it with your friends.





Science Week Beginning 6th July 2020


This week we are going to find out about magnets. Watch these videos on You Tube.


Can you find anything in your house which uses a magnet? Draw and label objects with magnets in your exercise book.



History Week Beginning 6th July 2020


This week we are going to think about Boudica’s Rebellion.

Go to:


Watch the video

How did the Celts fight back?


Watch the next video to find out what happened when Queen Boudica faced the Roman army.

Show your learning

Either: Write a few sentences about what you have found out


Draw a cartoon strip to show what happened when Queen Boudica stood up to the Romans.



Geography Week Beginning 6th July 2020


Use the PowerPoint about volcanoes then download the volcano worksheet and fill it in. If you do not have a printer, draw your own picture of a volcano and label it in your book.

Art Week Beginning 6th July 2020


Art at Home


Design your own comic book. Think about who you would be in your own comic strip, what superpower would you have if you were a superhero? In your comic strip, tell the story of yourself as a superhero thinking about how you would help someone in need. The title has already been filled in. What will happen in your comic strip? 





PSHE Week Beginning 29th June 2020


Can you remember what you learned last week? If you have forgotten, have another look at the sheet you filled in or look back at the clip

This week you will need to download the document about different drugs. Then make a chart like this and fill it in using the information you have found out through reading the document.