School will now open on MONDAY 15TH JUNE for Foundation, Y1 and Y6 children. Please see the parents' section for more information.

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What's the Cost of Chocolate?

Our essential project for this term is:

What's the cost of chocolate? 


These are our mini projects: 

How does it get here? 

In this mini project we will look at how chocolate is grown, where it is grown and the process it goes through to get in our shops. 

Who's the face of fairtrade? 

In this mini project we will look at creating our own brand of fairtrade chocolate and creating a new character to promote our chocolate. 

What's in a pitch? 

In this mini project we will look at promoting our new chocolate bar to different people in our community. To do this we will need to prepare a pitch, just like they do on 'The Apprentice'. 




Over the past 4 weeks Y6RH have had sessions from the REAL LOVE ROCKS team from Barnados. These sessions have involved learning about healthy relationships, being safe online and grooming. The children have worked well sharing their thoughts and showing good listening skills throughout the sessions.

Also this week we had a special visitor 'Jon Harrison', who owns and runs, 'One black bear', ( He came to talk to us about branding our own product and how to deliver a pitch to buyers. He had fascinating information to share with us and it will really help us when we begin to brand our own Fairtrade chocolate and then start to prepare our pitch to the local business men and women.



Y6RH Visit to York Chocolate Story

We have had a great time finding out about the history of chocolate in York. We built on our understanding of where chocolate comes from and we learned how chocolate is made. We even got to make some ourselves.


In the afternoon, we learned all about branding. We worked together, using our teamwork skills, to create branding for a new chocolate product. The class came up with packaging ideas, product names and slogans for the new chocolate product, aimed a target audience.



What a brilliant day we had! We even got to walk on York's historic city walls.


Take a look at our photographs below.

Picture 1