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Welcome to Y1SH - Miss Hamid, Miss Fashi

We wanted to remind you about some of the wonderful learning that has taken place in Y1, this school year.

Summer Term 2020 - Home Learning

Hello Y1, we are all missing you lots and hope you are staying safe. We can't wait to see you all when it is safe to do so and we hope you are all well. 


Miss Howard and Miss Hamid have put together lots of ideas and activities for you to do at home to keep busy. 


Stay safe and we hope to see you soon, we miss you! 


From Miss Hamid and Miss Kanizsmiley

Suggested daily timetable




ENGLISH - We all know how important it is to stay healthy, now more than ever so we want you to create a poster showing the importance of washing your hands and how to do it properly!


How do you wash your hands? 


Why is it important to wash your hands? 


When should you wash your hands?


After you have done this, we want you to write some instructions on how to wash your hands. Remember to use your time adverbials and Super 6.


Time adverbials - 





After that


ENGLISH - Can you plan a party for the people in your house? What does it take to plan a party - what things will you need? Can you draw and make some decorations? What kind of party are you planning? Would it be a tea party? Or a birthday party? How can you make it special in your house?


Can you write an invitation to the people in your house to invite them to your special party? 


Remember all of the important information you need to include - 



Who is your invitation to?

Why are you having a party? 

When is your party going to be?

Where is your party going to be? (in the garden, the kitchen) 

What time will your party be?

Who is your invitation from? 


PHONICS - Have you been on Phonics Play yet? There are lots of fun phonics games on there for you to access - you can play them with other people or on your own if you want to! From 'Buried Treasure' to 'Dragon's Den' there are lots of fun things to do.


Remember, some words are real and some words are Alien words - can you remember the difference? If you can, have a go at explaining this to somebody in your house. 


You also need to remember all of your tricky words and how to read and write these - can you text yourself? You can us the 'tricky word trucks' on Phonics Play to help you!


Here is the website and login to access all of the free resources Phonics Play have to offer. 



Username: march20

Password: home

READING - Have you been using Bug Club and sharing stories with your family? Do you think you can make somewhere really special to share stories? Remember, on Bug Club you can listen to books aswell. 


What will your reading den look like? Have a look here for some ideas. 

Reading den

Here is a link to the book 'Daisy and the trouble with life' written by Kes Gray. If you click on the link, you can listen to the clip of the story and then there are some activities for you to do afterwards. 

MATHS - Here are some links to some fun counting songs you might enjoy. Do you think you can practise your counting everyday to make you counting superstars?

If you can remember we were looking at shape before the holidays - do you think you can do a shape hunt in your house? What shapes do you think you might find? Think about all of the 2D and 3D shapes we learnt about.


Do you think you could draw a picture using some of these shapes after? We would really like to see some of your lovely pictures!


Here is a list of 2D and 3D shapes with their names to help you. 

2D and 3D shapes


SCIENCE - Have a look at the images of the birds below. What can you tell us about them? Here are some sentence starters to help you. 


Birds have... 


Birds are... 


Birds can... 


Can you draw and label your own bird?


Can you do the same activity for a fish? We have put some pictures of fish up to help you with this. Here are some sentence starters to help you.


Fish have... 


Fish are... 


Fish can... 


Can you draw and label your own fish?


Remember to use your Super 6! Even though this is science, we always need to remember our Super 6 when we are writing. 


You need to include;


capital letters

finger spaces

full stops

neat handwriting

check it makes sense

(and for this work your WW is the language mat we have put on here) 



Language mat


Mental Health

Mindful monsters
Wildlife yoga

PSHE - Keeping Safe. We all know how important it is to stay safe and at this time, the doctors and nurses in the hospitals are all working very hard to keep us all safe. Do you think you could create a rainbow picture for them to say thank you?



Make a rainbow picture to say ‘Thank You’ to the NHS. They are working super hard to protect and keep everyone safe.


Once you have made your rainbow picture stick it in your window for everyone to see.    


Here are some rainbow picture ideas to help you!

MUSIC - Here are some nursery rhyme songs for you to listen and sing along to. They also have actions in Makaton, for children that struggle to speak or hear. Do you think you could learn the actions for at least one of these songs? 


Miss Howard and Miss Hamid will try and learn one aswell!



Old MacDonald -


Baa Baa Black Sheep -


Peace at Last -


It’s raining, it’s pouring -

PE - We know how much you love to burn off your energy and run around and enjoy play time with your friends, and we really know how much you enjoy PE! Here are some exercises for you to practise at home - Miss Howard and Miss Hamid will be practising aswell! 

Fit in 15

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