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Would you walk a day in the life of an ancient Egyptian?

Welcome to our class page. Our 1st real project this year will require the children to become writers, actors and artists for an ancient Egyptian information book that will come to life!

Our sparkling start

What Is The Cost Of Waste?

Welcome to our class page and our 2nd project, What Is The Cost Of Waste? This term, we will be exploring the effects of food poverty and food waste around the world. Using Rights Respecting inspired artwork, we will illustrate and then write a persuasive poster aimed at local shoppers; encouraging them to buy and donate food to a local food bank charity. Using the novel 'Trash', we will also look at how waste is a way of life for some and draw comparisons to how we live.

Welcome to Y5AJT's class page and our 1st project, Do Scientists have all the answers? Follow the links below to see the children's learning and keep updated on how our project is progressing.

Do Scientists have all the answers?

What Lurks In The Shadows?

Welcome to our class page and introduction to our new project, 'What Lurks In The Shadows'.


After a relaxing Summer holidays, year 5 have returned to school raring to go. This term the children of year 5 are going to become; scientists, artists, authors, mathematicians and puppeteers, as they work towards writing, rehearsing and performing their very own fairy tail puppet show to the people of Rotherham.


Follow our class page on the school website or Twitter for updates on how our project is progressing.

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What is the afterlife?

Welcome to our 2nd project, "What is the afterlife?" The children this term will discover all about the ancient Egyptians. They will learn about the boy who would be pharaoh. Experience what it was like to be an embalmer and delve deeper in to the profound idea of the afterlife.

What Is In Our World And Beyond?